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  3.1 Introduction: communicating clearly and concisely

This third section of the course consists of six lectures that assist you in writing concisely.

The first lecture on writing style looks initially at simple declarative sentences. You will get practice in using four different kinds of verbs in English. You will also work on building more complicated sentences.

The next lecture deals with clarity and brevity in writing. You will work on cutting out extra words and on using the active voice.

In the third lecture, you will work on writing simple, compound and complex sentences.

Next, you will practice writing an effective paragraph which includes a good topic sentence.

In the fifth lecture, you will work on writing coherent paragraphs.

In the last lecture you will learn how to avoid plagiarism, or stealing from others.

At the end of this section there is short quiz to review what you will have learned.

The third activity in your writing portfolio is devoted to practicing writing coherent paragraphs using cohesive devices.

Finally, may you do the self-assessment to check your progress.